2024 Statewide Wellness Calendar

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National Women’s Health Month


• FLORIDA BLUE TOPIC * (5/14 – 1pm-1:45pm)
Mental Well-Being for Caregivers

• ASK THE DIETITIAN* (5/8 – 1pm-1:45pm)
Staying Hydrated

• SANITAS* (5/15 – 12pm-1pm)
Healthy Eating: Mindful Eating

• BEHAVIORAL HEALTH* (5/16 – 1pm-2pm)
Youth Mental Health

• CHRONIC CONDITION SERIES* (5/9, 5/16, 5/23 – 2pm-3pm)
Weight and Chronic Conditions

Youth Mental Health

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Florida Blue May Newsletter

May is National Mental-Health Awareness month. If you or loved ones have been experiencing feelings of anxiety, burn-out, and even depression, you don’t have to walk the road alone. We, at Florida Blue, are here for you. Read on to access the many resources we provide to support you and those you care about.

May 2024 highlights:

  • Check in on your child’s mental health
  • Blood pressure and pregnancy
  • Recipe of the month: Kale Salad with Quinoa & Chicken

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Becoming and staying healthy can help you lower your healthcare premiums. Learn how with these tips and resources.

HEALTHY NUGGETS (Short videos) ~ APRIL – Stress Awareness Month

Are you recharging your electronic devices more often than you are recharging your own batteries? With the demands of our professional and personal lives, it is common to feel overwhelmed and burned out. Taking just a few minutes for yourself throughout your busy day to “unplug & recharge” will help you stay focused, energized and calmer. Here, we are sharing Small Steps to a Better You with our healthy nuggets.


Get support from our friendly team members at your local Florida Blue Center. Our community specialists and nurses can help you understand your health plan, compare costs, enroll in rewards, connect with local resources, improve your health with care management and a lot more. Find a Florida Blue Center near you and schedule an appointment (not required but suggested).